When the Gong Rings




An Online List of 1950's Fire History Pages


1950 & 1951 Fire Log Lists 70
1950-- New Rescue Equipment Helps Saves Child 71
1950-- Rural Fire Calls & Fireman Edgar Wilson Dies 72
1950-- Brookins Residential Fire & Piggly Wiggly Burns 73
1952 & 1953 Fire Log Lists 74
December 16, 1851-- Pilgrim Holiness Church Fire at 4th and Monroe 75
1953-1957 Fire Log Lists 76
1953-- Fireman Mel Taylor & the Big Alexander Department Store Fire-- Thank You Note 77
1952-- The Dudley Railroad Car Fire 78
1953-- The Big Alexander Department Store Fire 79
Alexander Fire Described, and Picture of the 1917 Alexander's Department Store 80
Alexander Fire, the Morning After-- What Remained 81
Alexander Fire Pictures 82
Alexander Fire, Army Reservists Aid Firemen, Office Safe Survives 83
Alexander Fire, John Rardin, Publisher of the Daily News Writes and Editorial "It's About time!" 84
1952-- Family Get-together at 500 Jackson St. Firehouse 85
1952--Captain Buck Fleming and Volunteer & Bercaw O'Hara in Action at Garage Fire 86
1953 & 1954--  New "Quad" Truck Arrives, Viranda Removed from Firehouse, & Drought Hits Charleston 87
1954--  Dry Brush Fire 88
1954-- Circus Elephant Watered 89
1955-- Butane Fire Burns for Days, Carrier Pigeon Found,  & Fire Report 90
1955-- Harold "Buck" Fleming and Neal Hutton Caste Their Votes 91
1957-- Charleston Firemen Attend Champaign Fire College 92
1958-- Buchanon St. Blast Destroys Home *97
1959-- Training, Fire Log List, and Frank Dailey Gets Hired 93
1959-- Firemen Line Up Before Taking Their Exams (Maybe the Last Photo at the Old Firehouse) 94
1959-- Ladder Training at the Firehouse-- Area Fireman Also Involved 95
December, 1959-- Firemen Prepare Chickens for Needy & Charleston Country Club Burns 96
1959-- Tots Visit the Firehouse, Mel Taylor Appointed Captain 98
1959-- Training for New Howe Pumper, Firemen/Policeman Voice Opposition to Proposed State Pension Law 99
1959-- Rural Fire Protection Discussion, '38 Boyer Goes on Last Run in Country 100
December of 1959-- Captain Buck Fleming Retires & EIU Students Demonstrate with a Burning Effigy Against Dr. Quincy Doudna, President of EIU 101

Explosion Blast Through a Buchanon Street Residence, John Boyd Implement Fire on Monroe, and Neal Hutton Resigns/ George Milliner New Chief & Area Woman Dies in Fire

1959-- Old 1874 Firehouse to Be Demolished, and a New One to Be Built at 10th & Madison 103 


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