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Samuel Morse and the Telegraph; Inventions & Inventors During the 19th Century & Civil War Technologies -- Telegraph and T-Mails

Samuel F. B. Morse, 1791-1872, American inventor and artist, b. Charlestown, Mass., grad. Yale, 1810

Inventions and Inventing: 
Samuel Morse and the Telegraph
The Telegraph & President Lincoln During the Civil War

To be used with the Inventions and Inventors Learning Activity
Also check two more related activities:

1) Complete a data form to study the history of the Telegraph in America.  Get the basic information by clicking here. 

2) After reading the historical documents provided on this site.  Click Here to get your pdf form at this site.  

3) Read the informational links in the table of links below.

Plans for the Classroom

4)  Work together with your class group and make two sending and receiver telegraph Sets. 

5)  Follow the directions in the "Making a Telegraph Set" link. 

6)  Wire each end of the room with each component at each end so that messages using Morse Code can be received and sent. 

7)  Memorize the Morse Code and use it to write short messages to each room end. 

8)  Make a presentation of the information you gathered in a computer program such as Prezy or Power Point, or you may make a traditional poster display.  Include this with any "telegraph" hands-on project such as making your own telegraph system, and memorizing the Morse Code.


Two sections are provided for your study and learning experience:

1)  Go to the site activity for Hot Air Balloons and the Telegraph, and follow directions for it.

2)  Go to Lincoln and the First T-Mails and again follow directions for it. 


Study each of these Links and then finish up the study with a presentation, as described in "FINISHING THIS PROJECT."

A Little bit about
"How Electricity Works" 

V.     Morse Code Activity Page
II.    Timeline
about Samuel Morse
VI.       Making a telegraph Set
III.     Samuel F. Morse Papers from the Library of Congress


VII.     The Civil War and the Telegraph
IV.     The Morse Code VIII.   President Lincoln and the First T-Mails


V.     Morse Code Activity Page IX.   Read about the connection of the Hot Air Balloon Corps and the Telegraph in the Civil War


  X.  The Telegraph in Sending the News of President Lincoln's Assassination



Lincoln and His T-Mails

A History of Telegraphing in america

Hot Air Balloons and the Telegraph

Click here for a pdf file with an excellent form to use in the study of the telegraph in American History

Inventors and Inventions Home Page Activity Homepage

16th President Command of the Battlefield

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