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" Her radio program the past few years has gained for her many friends and popularity not only in Coles County but in surrounding counties." James Pelton, Chairman of the Coles County Board (10-3-63)

"... Mrs. Taylor has certainly displayed a high degree of civic mindedness, fairness and cooperation. Her radio audience is large; her broadcasts interesting and newsworthy. She is a definite asset to the community." Dr. Rudolph D. Anfinson, Dean of Students, EIU (9-10-55)

"... (Louise) has willingly broadcast school news and information in a very pleasant and capable manner. She has had training and experience in the field of public relations; and, in addition to practicing good public relations. She is willing to serve on committees and panels where this important subject is being discussed." Signed, G.W. Dunn, Coles County Superintendent, of Schools. (9-9-55)

"... Mrs. Louise Taylor, radio announcer and news-caster, has been giving outstanding service in this community for a number of years. She has been particularly helpful in announcing road conditions during the winter months when the school district has 28 buses operating over an area of 270 square miles... She has also been helpful in assisting us to establish and carry on a weekly school radio program.., We believe that Mrs. Taylor has given outstanding radio service, not only to the schools but to many other agencies in this community." C.J. Dintelman, Superintendent, Charleston Community Unit School District No. 1 (9-12-55)

"... Recently I had a murder case in my county and I needed the cooperation of the radio


stations in the vicinity. The only station that gave me full cooperation was station WEIC and Mrs. Taylor spent many extra hours working with my office and I found that she always double checked all information and had it cleared before broadcasting... In expressing my feeling for Mrs. Taylor, I feel very grateful toward her, her work in the community has been outstanding and she has devoted much of her time to bring news and entertainment to radio listeners." Le Roy Boggs, Coles County Sheriff (9^9-55)

"... I have known Louise Taylor for the last past 27 years, and of her many years on radio... She has not only brought news and amusement to her many listeners, but has been a valuable asset to the community in many ways; devoting her time and talent to fund raising campaigns, etc....... From a public official stand point, she has been most co-operative in checking with this office on each and every occasion, before releasing the news." Horace V. (Red) Clark, Coles County Coroner (9-55)

"... Mrs. Taylor has always been public-minded and has always taken an active part in all civic campaigns. She is a very pleasant and happy person and easily wins the friendship of people she meets... I commend Mrs. Taylor for her radio work in our community and feel that Charleston is fortunate in having her as one of their ardent boosters." Charles W. Reynolds, President, of Charleston National Bank (9-13-55)

"... During election time, one can always depend on Mrs. Taylor to give accurate information and returns for candidates of both political parties." Elmer F. Elston, County Clerk of Coles County (9-9-55)



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