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John Rardin, Publisher and Editor of the Daily News included his memorial to Lee in his "This and That" column. Mr. Rardin wrote this after his son's column was published.

"THIS AND THAT”  by John Rardin in the Charleston Daily News             

We find it hard to write this column today, as Tuesday was ordinarily the day when Lee had taken over the chore for us, giving of his wit and knowledge of pending events as well as remembering people : : : it mattered not what their station in life, they were all the same to him : : : Lee's memory was always a source of wonderment to us as he remembered vividly the important things as well as the usual which had occurred within the scope of his span of years : : : Though he had taken a leave of absence from his post as city editor on this paper several years ago, he had never ceased to tender his contributions to the columns, no to keep his hand in: on the news-writing and reporting : : : as he often said, gets into your blood and stays there: He could never pass up an item of news without doing something about it: : : We believe he would have been grateful: : : in pondering over our close association with Lee we recall that this very column is an outgrowth of one of his ideas : : : Lee came to the Daily News shortly after he had started the column, and continued to write it even after his health denied him full pursuit of the newspaper merry-go-round : : : The column ceased to be when this newspaper was halted during the war : : : We have since tried to carry on after a fashion under the "This and That: heading and with Lee's help in the form of contributions to brighten up the column : : : He had suggested several times that we restore the original heading of "Stray Notes" to this column but, as we told him, that heading covered his own inimitable style and we didn't want to plagiarize it : ; : As for us, we feel much the same as Father Moriarity felt as he was giving the funeral service for Lee : : : "I would like to eulogize Lee Lynch, but I can't find the words . .."::: In fitting memorial tribute to Lee Lynch, Ralph Witmer has suggested that a committee be formed to take action toward creation of a "Lee Lynch Memorial Hospital" for Charleston and Coles County : : : We are sure, that Lee's thousands of friends would be glad to aid such a program : : : And now as Lee has often said, "Thank for readin'"


By Howard Taylor

In late May of 1993, Ronnie Scott, a friend of mine from Bloomington went out to Mound Cemetery, west of Charleston, to find the gravestones of Arthur and Lee Lynch. After some looking, we finally located Lee's stone. It was a small pure white marble stone with no special markings. The stone was very brilliant in whiteness and impressed me. This visit to the cemetery represents the beginning of my study into the lives of several close members of my family. Lee Lynch must have been a very jovial and pleasant person to know. All I car remember about him is the large picture that J.R. Livesay displayed in Charleston merchant stores. When I started telling folks of my project, I received all kinds of positive remarks about Lee. People even donated their old 1943 picture postcards from Lee. Now I wish that we still had his old typewriter and desk (that I spent hours playing with and on). Arthur and Lee set the standard for reporting and news gathering in Central Illinois. Maybe someday a new Coles County Reporter will emerge.




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