"Every Little Bird Seems to Whisper Louise"

Louise Taylor, Coles County Reporter Scrapbook





Thanks for reading and looking at the articles and pictures in this scrapbook and story book.  I really enjoyed putting it together starting in about 1994.  The trip to the Charleston cemetery to find the tombstone of Lee Lynch turned this into a kind-of family story.  As of 2009 I am almost completely retired.  J.R. Livesay, Louise Taylor, and Melvin Taylor have passed from us.  I re-dedicate this book to their memory.

How could I not consider news gathering and reporting in Central Illinois and Coles County, in particular, a family story.  The Lynch family was very important in the history of newspaper and radio news.

Lastly are the personalities of the pioneers in Charleston, Mattoon, Tuscola and all around that made Central Illinois a cultural center for reading and listening of news and entertainment.

I included mostly personal items that I could remember, and did some research and micro-reader research to find the real stuff.  It would have been great to make a huge volume of all the news of the time since 1900, but my eyes would not allow that much viewing.

Remember to look for the trains at all crossings.  “There might be a train coming!” as Lee Lynch would have said at the end of his radio shows and his columns.

Remember that “Every little bird likes to whistle Louise,” as anyone who remembers the Charleston personality and my mom could relate.  She was very special, and I saw much of it. 

Bye for now,

Howard Taylor, Editor and Publisher of this book from Mattoon, Il, January, 2009       Updated, 2017


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