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Coles County News :  the Gatherers and the Reporting



WLBH On-Air in 1946 151
Jimmy Ray Livesay, A Radio Pioneer Worked at WDZ & Lee Lynch Moves to WLBH 152
Personalities:  Phyllis Knight, Women's Program Director and Al Pigg, Agriculture Director 153
Personalities:  Robert Lamere Program & News Director;  Lee Lynch, News; Ken Wooddell, Sports Director & Sales; J.R. "Ray Livesay, President & General Manager 154
Personalities: Robert "Bob" Guess with Ruff Davis (movie star-guest) and Ray Livesay 155
Personalities: Les Davis, Charleston Man on the Street Reporter and Guest 156
Personalities: Earl Wilson, Early Morning Announcer; Howard Miller, later Agriculture Director with William Springer, guest and Ray Livesay 157
Personalities: an Early Photo of J.R. Livesay, Majority Stock Holder and President/General Manager of WLBH 158
PersonalitiesFaye Walls, Effingham Performer and Shirley Trimble, Charleston News 159
Personalities:  Louise Taylor (News) and Walt Ellis (Sports) 160
Personalities:  Larry King (News/Announcer) and Paul Mallady, Sunday Talent Show 161
A List of Early WLBH Employees  162
Personalities:  Louise Taylor at the Charleston Studio 163
A.C. Neilson Fact Report for WLBH in the Early Years 164
Louise (Lynch) Taylor at the Charleston Studio-- Open House Sign In Book page one 165
Louise (Lynch) Taylor at the Charleston Studio-- Open House Sign In Book page two 166
Louise Taylor Charleston Studio Portrait and Note from Dr. Quincy Doudna (EIU President) 167
Map of Regional Coverage for WLBH AM-FM & Programming Topics 168
Contractual Letter from J.R. Livesay and Louise Taylor Sept. 28, 1960 169
Personalities:  Ralph Voight & Elmer Walls, Musician and Engineer 170
Ray Livesay  & the Golden Age of Radio for Central Illinois 171
Ray Livesay Runs for National Association of Broadcasting Director-At-Large (Resume) 172


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