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Richard (Dick) Lynch was the younger of two sons of Jim and Myrna Lynch. He was born Jan. 4, 1942 in Charleston. As he grew up he was the outward going one of the two. His older brother is James Arthur who lives in the Danville area. The age difference between the two was over 12 years. Dick was practically raised up as an only child but James and Dick were very close in spite of the wide age spread. Dick spent a lot of time around Louise and family. He, Tom Foreman and other teen friends liked to visit Louise on the front porch of 408 Madison. I can remember many of these visits. He had that "Lynch" sense of humor down to an art.

His father, Jim was very well liked at the Shoe Factory, where he was superintendent. Jim was also prominent in the horse racing circuit, especially at the Coles County Fair.


Dick would take Red and me to the drive-in in the old Packard. We liked him, but he got a little rough sometimes. There were times, as I grew older, that I didn't appreciate Dick's humor. He would tease about one's size (fat, especially). He worked at Cavins and Bayles as a haberdasher. A few people were sometimes offended by his outlandish remarks. Oh well, you can't please everyone! I'm not sure if Melvin (my dad) appreciated the humor. Dick didn't come around a lot when my dad was living. They did work together in fire-related deaths and ambulance calls. My dad really didn't like anyone around too much, especially in his later years.


Dick had a radio career with Louise at WLBH andWEIC and was a good announcer. Dick attended E.I.U., but didn't do so well. When running for coroner he gave a very comical, but true description of his E.I.U. college days.  Later Dick would enroll in mortuary school at Chicago’s Worsham Mortuary College and graduated with honors.  Dick would end up at Viola Clark and Gus King's Caudill-King Funeral Home in Charleston until his death.   While undertaker, Dick ran for Coles County Coroner and won as a Democrat! He would be coroner for several terms. Louise can tell several very interesting experiences with Dick, as relates to the Coles County Reporter. She likes to remember the interesting experiences of the two.

PRACTICAL JOKES LEGENDARY                     

Luther Crouch, a local man of Charleston, and next door neighbor of Caudill-King Funeral Home, had a running contest with Dick Lynch. He was always getting the best of Dick. Dick was somewhat of a ladies man in Charleston, before marrying Annette. Luther once sent a very special Christmas gift for Dick to Dick's current girl friend's home. The gift was beautifully wrapped and placed under the family tree. Strange things happened in the room containing the gift. An awful odor permeated the room. Actually, Luther and a friend had gone out to the fair grounds and scooped up a pile of manure.  This manure was placed in a box and wrapped up prettily. You can figure out the rest of the story.
Dick was had again. Another Luther Crouch/Dick Lynch story involved the up*coming marriage of Dick and Annette. Luther had gone to Kentucky. While there he purchased an old junk car transmission and carefully wrapped it and sent it COD to Dick Lynch at Cavins and Bayles. Dick was thrilled to get a large wedding gift from his aunt in Kentucky. He gladly paid the $70.00 Cash On Delivery charge, if would be worth it! Again, you can imagine the end of the story. One other story involved the arrival of newlyweds Annette and Dick at their home to get their car (was safely locked in their garage). Luther, Jim and Pat Spence had further locked it by nailing the garage door shut. Poor Annette!  I'm sure after some work the door was opened.






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