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Topic:  A Tribute to B.F. and Dorothy McClerren, Lincoln Portrayers, Charleston, Illinois

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Abraham and Mary Lincoln
Portrayed by B.F. (Mac) and Dorothy McClerren

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       A Few Photos While Performing for the Children at Carl Sandburg, in the Gifted Education 2nd grade classroom to help the children celebrate their study of "The journey of the Lincolns, Hanks, and Halls into Illinois, March, 1830"
The President would talk about his education and tell many anecdotal stories about his law cases and other topics.  Mary would talk about their children.  The school enjoyed presentations in February and May of 2006.
Look for photos of the 2nd graders very long mural representing the journey and the three families.  The children also learned like Lincoln by cipher'n to the rule of three and reading and writing Aesop's Fables, as well as the R.L. Wheems'
Biography of George Washington and Curious Anecdotes.

An animated Abraham tells a lively story about a Lincoln law case.

Mrs. Lincoln, as usual, caught the ear of the children while
telling personal Lincoln family stories

The President contemplating what comment or question would come next.
The children answered his questions quite well.



B.F. McClerren, AKA, the 16th President, fully animated telling of life in the White House and giving the Gettysburg Address and Thanksgiving Proclamation.

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