Learning Lincoln On-line

Topic Sets to Study Abraham Lincoln His Life and Before the Civil War


TOPIC 116:  Flags of Our Country-- The Stars and Stripes Study   
the Light of the Fire "

Stars and Stripes  #6
A  History Activity About the Flag of the United States

Use with the  New State and Old Glory Learning Activity

Evaluation Rubric 

Group Name:


1 Point

2 Points

How did the group work together?
Partners Participated, but didn't always cooperate
Partners Cooperated and participated equally
Did all members think hard on their part of the  project? Partners stayed on task and accomplished the project
Partners stayed on task and explained their project.
Is the final presentation good?
Complete written & presentation but is weak in quality Complete written activity and and presentation interesting and correct
0-2 points: Unsatisfactory
3-5 points: Satisfactory
6 points: Outstanding

Our Total group score____________