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TOPIC 116:  Flags of Our Country-- The Stars and Stripes Study   
the Light of the Fire "

Stars and Stripes  #6
A  History Activity About the Flag of the United States


The theme will center on an in-depth study of the U.S. Flag, and the formation of a new state in the U.S.
The Project will include working on learning standards for Reading, Math, Social Studies,  and Science.


Bloom Taxonomy Considerations:
The learner will:
1.  Conduct research and fact gathering concerning U.S. physical geography. (Knowledge level)

2.  Interpret and summarize the facts of a region of the U.S.. (Comprehension Level)

3.  Use information gathered and organized to illustrate the requirements for a new state, when being added to the U.S.. (Application Level)

4.  Take the various organized facts and apply them to an activity outline of "things to do". (Analysis Level)

5.  Add the state by listing the U.S. Constitutional requirements for adding a state, and then add a new star to the present 50 star flag, by re-designing the star field. (Synthesis Level)

6.  Make a summary of the new state by creating a poster and/or a 6-part pamphlet describing several aspects of the new state (as described in the "things to do" list. (Evaluation Level)

This project allows for the individual to use his/her imagination, as well as real facts to plan a big thing like starting up a new state. 


Students will. . . .
1.  Conduct an on-line study of the history of the U.S. flag will be conducted by using the U.S. Flags website, which lists all the flags of U.S. history.

2.  Select a U.S. region and print a map with related questions.  This map will be the "area" that the student's new state will be located.  Stately Knowledge website will provide information about the other states in the region such as state symbols, etc.

3.  Give the state a name, and describe the origin or meaning of the name.

4.  Use Google Search to help choose new symbols for the new state.  The symbols must actually come from, or live in the area of the new state. 

5.  Give the state a capitol (name) and a location

6.  Describe the agricultural, mineral, cultural and special features of the new state.

7.  Design a state flag for the new state.

8 .  Compile all information and then create a poster and/or a phamplet to illustrate the new state, including tourism information, highways, and special considerations that the student will devise.

White paper for final poster/ pamphlets, student art boxes.


  • Internet with a variety of websites pre-linked in the "Old Glory Activity" Hotlist
  • Actual 34 star flag, 50 star flag, and the Presidential flag.


Click Here for an assessment rubric for process steps and final product will be explained to the students so they will be aware of how they can do well on the project.