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TOPIC:  Old Time Radio-- Writing Commercial Spots (Copy)   #11
the Light of the Fire "



You may have invested a lot of money and energy into sales training, but how much has been invested into delivering a quality product to your advertisers? You market your commercials as selling tools for the advertiser. If your commercials don't sell for the clients, how likely is it that they'll reorder?

How do you write commercials that sell your client's message?  Commercials that generate response for your advertiser and more sales for you! These ideas includes:

Newspaper vs. TV vs. Radio--  The Seven Deadly Sins of Radio Advertising *The single most common copywriting crime *Giving people an excuse to buy or commonly called the "identifying the emotional angle. *Questions to ask before you write *Active vs. Passive targets *Avoiding commercial babble and cookie-cutter copy *Story Telling *Using a client's voice *Anticipating objections *Going beyond clever...and much, much more! If your job includes writing and/or producing radio commercials.


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