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Abraham Lincoln "New Salem" Search Puzzle

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3.  What important business was first built upon the Sangamon River? Water was its source of power.  Check here for the answer.


Abraham of New Salem
A Trivia Hunt/Puzzle


4.  Young Abraham is shown in a sculpture at New Salem discarding something and taking on something new.  What did he discard and what was new?  Check here for the answers.



15.  Name three important citizens of New Salem that Abraham would befriend.  Check here for the answer.


Abe Lincoln riding his horse near New Salem by Lloyd Ostendorf 



6.  Who was Mentor Graham, and what did he do for Abraham at New Salem? 
Check here for the answer.

7.  What was recently discovered on a farm in Petersburg, where New Salem was?  Check this article for the answer. 

8.  What does a carding mill produce? 
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9.  Who did Abraham open a store with for the first time at New Salem?  Check here for the answer. 
10.  What kind of beast of burden did New Salem carding mill operators use? Check here for the answer. .
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Lincoln New Salem Puzzle
11.  Abraham had a "government job" in New Salem for a while and dealt with envelopes.  What was the job?
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12.  What is Abraham doing while riding his horse in the picture in the middle? 
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13.  When did Abraham first meet the Democrat Stephen Douglas?  Find the answer here 14.  Rutledge Tavern was a place where Abraham would board for a while.  Who lived in the tavern that Abraham befriended?  Find the answer here
15. Who was the doctor of New Salem and organized the first Sunday School? 
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16.  When did Ann Rutledge die? and When did Abraham leave New Salem for Springfield?  Find the answers here 17. In 1832, Abraham enlisted in the Illinois National Guard and fought in what war? 
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Lincoln at New Salem
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National Park Service
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