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Meet Amazing Americans  Read, Answer, Write


In this activity, we will use the Library of Congress "Meet Amazing Americans" website to learn about a very interesting famous American. 

Here are your directions for this on-line activity:

1.  Get your computer onto the Internet.  After getting Internet Explorer running, go to the Project Arrow Home Page.  When there, click the "Meet Amazing Americans" home page.

2.  Your job now is to select a CATEGORY to begin your Amazing American.  To be able to select a category, you need to know what each of the "starred" categories mean.  You may know what several of them mean already, but maybe there are some you don't know about.  Use an on-line dictionary to find the meanings of these category words:  leaders, statesmen, President, activists, reformers, adventurers, explorers, musicians, composers, writers, artists, industrialists, entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, athletes and entertainers.

3.  The next thing for you to do is to click the various categories until you find one that seems really interesting.  Click into it and check over the list of names.  You can spend a little time exploring the names that you think would be a good one for you, and make a final selection.

4.  The site for the person you have chosen will have a photo, birth and death dates.  Start a data sheet (Click Here) for a blank sheet) for your chosen Amazing American.  Fill in the information on the sheet.  There will be a general description, and then a list of special articles about the person.  Read the general description, and then choose a special article.  Click to it and carefully read it.  You will answer questions about the article, that will be on the data sheet.  Write good answers from the article as you read it, or as you re-read it.

5.  Complete the "Amazing Americans" data sheet for your person. CLICK HERE FOR THE "AMAZING AMERICANS DATA REPORTING FORM"

6.  Make a Poster displaying your person, and the greatest facts you have discovered about him or her, and a portrait. 

7.  Have fun learning about an "Amazing American."

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