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The Lincoln-Douglas Debates-- Learning to Debate

Skills in speaking, thinking and self-expressions
Debating:  An American political tradition since the great Lincoln-Douglas Debates in Illinois, 1858.  

-To help develop the higher level of thinking on the Bloom Taxonomy to gain personal confidence, to be allowed self-expression around more outward-going peers, even if you are the quiet type.  Everyone gets his/her turn in debating, EQUALLY!

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How would our Illinois quarter could have looked if the Lincoln-Douglas Debate had been depicted instead of "Abe as a Young Man."   Do you think this design should have been chosen?  Why or why not?


See the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Learning Activity website for details of the Historical portion of this activity.

Activity Plan:  This activity will have two parts in which students will:  

1. Research and answer questions concerning the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, including how their historical importance, and how they were conducted.

2.  Plan and participate in debates on contemporary subjects within the class and eventually between other class.



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