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The Lincoln-Douglas Debates-- Task Two- Seven Debates


       This activity is about the content of the seven debates.  We will use the summary texts by B.F. McClerren and Robert Sterling to find the answers.
       Complete the table with the answers for each of the seven Debates.  You should complete your answers in list form with at least 3 answers in each box.  Use the Activity Debate Link to find the answer.  You will have to read the summary by Lincoln and Douglas for the Debate, to be able to determine the answer.

The Debates 
1 Abraham Lincoln's comments
2 Stephen Douglas' comments

#1-- Ottawa
--"state sovereignty" or popular sovereignty, vs. the right of
Federal Government to control slavery in a territory are the topics of the first Debate

Write brief explanations of how each candidate stands on these two thoughts. 

#2-- Freeport
The candidates discuss the ideas of whether a territory can make the decision about slavery before the it becomes a state.  Should the constitution of the state be where the slavery issue is addressed? 

Describe how each candidate relates to these two thoughts. 

#3-- Jonesboro
Douglas believed that the Founding Fathers made this country half slave and half free. Lincoln argues that they did not introduce slavery and were not satisfied with it as
shown by the Northwest Ordinance. 

Write a description of how each candidate thought in relation to their Debate comments. 

#4-- Charleston
Slavery was the chief issue that Lincoln thought was causing great harm to the country. 

Write how each of the candidates stood in relation to slavery and the future of the country.


#5-- Galesburg
Explain how each candidate related to the Dred Scoitt Decision. 

#6--  Quincy
Explain how each candidate claimed the high moral ground in
the debate.


#7-- Alton
The candidates take opposite positions on the humanity of the
 black man. Explain how each candidate defined his position







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