Learning Lincoln On-line


America's House, The White House-- Before and After" the 16th President


. . . The 2nd President, John Adams

. . . The First to live in America's House
. . . The 16th President, Abraham Lincoln

. . . President during the Civil War



. . . . . .The 44th President, Barack H. Obama


President Barack Obama
. . .The Present Resident in our House


Use the White House Official Biographies to help find answers

. . . In this activity, you're job is to learn about the White House, often called "America's House".  Try to figure out why it is nick-named that, who were the 40 other men who lived in the White House with their families, or perhaps by their self, if they were not married.  Fill in the Activity Sheet for "Before and After" and you will have learned a little bit about "America's House."

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