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Hiram Ulysses Grant

U.S. Grant, age 43 in




An Activity to Learn About General Grant's Leadership and Life during the Civil War



         In this project, you will learn about U.S. Grant, and how he became the commanding officer (Lieutenant General of the Union Army).  This rank was the highest possible, and was the same as was given to George Washington in the Revolutionary War.

         President Abraham Lincoln had gone through several months with poor generals, and when he found U.S. Grant, he knew he would provide victories.  U.S. Grant was not popular with everyone, as when he would be victorious, thousands would die.  Through his victories, and the generals under him, the war was finally brought to an end. 

       In this project, participants will follow 7 orders from Gen. Grant.  It will start with the order that Grant received from the Commander in Chief, Abraham Lincoln. 




       This learning activity will help to understand the "mind" and "intent" of the great general of the American Civil War, and later President of our country.  U.S. Grant was not his actual name, as it was Hiram Ulysses Grant, but an error occurred on his records at West Point Military Academy.  He would use the name U.S. Grant thereafter.  A special activity will follow this time-line.    Ulysses S. Grant Memoirs from Bartleby.com can be used as reference for these activities.

Ulysses S. Grant Biographical Time-line  from the Grant's Home website, Galena, Illinois

PBS Biography of U.S. Grant

April 27, 1822: Hiram Ulysses Grant born at Point Pleasant, Ohio and was the son of Jesse and Hannah Grant. Ulysses was the oldest of six children having three sisters and two brothers.

May 29, 1839: Arrived at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. A mistake in the records changed Grant's name to Ulysses S. Grant, which he carried the rest of his life.

June, 1843: Graduated from West Point.

1846-1847: Fought in the American-Mexican War.

August 22, 1848:Married  Julia Dent of St. Louis, Missouri.

May 30, 1850:  Frederick Dent Grant born.

July 22, 1852:  Ulysses S. "Buck" Grant Jr., born.

June 11, 1854: Grant resigns from the army. The letter of resignation was written on the same day he was promoted to Captain and was accepted by the Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis.

July 4, 1855: Ellen "Nellie" Wrenshall Grant born.

February 6, 1858: Jesse Root Grant Jr., born.

Spring, 1860: Grant arrives in Galena, Illinois.

April 12, 1861: Fort Sumter fired upon by Confederates.

May 15, 1861:  Grant musters troops for his 21st Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment Historical Marker and Camp Grant Elipse at Mattoon, Illinois

June 17, 1861: Grant becomes a colonel for the 21st Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

February 17, 1862: Lincoln signed the papers for Grant's promotion to major general of volunteers.

April 9, 1865: General Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia, ending the American Civil War.

August 18, 1865: Returns to Galena as a hero and is presented his new home on Bouthillier Street.

July 25, 1866: Grant appointed general of the armies of the U.S.

August 12, 1867: Appointed Secretary of War.

November 3, 1868: Grant and Schuyler Colfax elected President and Vice-President.

March 2, 1872: Signs a bill which make Yellowstone the first National Park.

November 3, 1872: Grant and Henry Wilson elected President and Vice-President.

March 4, 1877: Retires from the White House.

May 1877: Ulysses, Julia and Jesse Grant travel on a world tour. They return on September 20, 1879 at San Francisco. They return to Galena in November of that year.

December 1882: President Arthur appointed Grant to negotiate a commercial treaty with Mexico. The treaty, however, was rejected by the U.S. and Mexico.

June 16, 1885: Grant family moves to a cottage at Mount McGregor, New York.

July 19, 1885: Finishes his personal memoirs.

July 23, 1885: Ulysses Grant dies at age 63 of throat cancer at Mt. McGregor, New York.

April 27, 1891: Ground is broken for the construction of Grant's Tomb, Riverside Park, New York City.

April 27, 1897: Grant's Tomb is dedicated.

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