Where are you going?   "Nowhere," I would answer

By Howard Taylor for the Taylor's


Captain Melvin Taylor, host for Dance Guest Star
Bernie Allen of WLS Radio

Howard Taylor (left) with John Kaufman and Jon Collins at the Nowhere, 1967

Louise posing with WLS's Bernie Allen

Melvin "Red" Taylor in his Fall '67 Senior Picture.  His long Beatles hairdo did not go well with all at CHS


           The Nowhere building, stood at 4th and Van Buren Sts. in Charleston, Illinois.  Before use as a teen center/dance hall, it was a place that sold feed and grain by Bob Ruple.  He rented the building to my mom and supported her throughout the duration of the Nowhere years.  The building was like a barn with no ceilings and an attic space above the entrance area.  We had to install two nice bathrooms, a furnace, and a large vent fan on the south end.  Sadly, the furnace could not really warm the building up.  The crowds took care of that.

             We built a stage at the south end and later would add some insulation behind the band area to reduce noise.  With the new sound of Young Rascal's and the late 60's music, the volume was so loud that the sound filtered outside easily.  The amps got bigger and bigger.  A good P.A. system was necessary for a good band.  I built a row of stage spotlights of different colors with switches for each color.  It worked quite well.  As mentioned in another place, we had the best strobe light in the attic space shining down on the crowd. 

            The old Nowhere Building hit the dust, as the City of Charleston demolished it to make room for a wider and better 4th Street.  I can take credit for painting of the old building.  I chose white with a red foundation and window trim.  It looked good when I finished.  I'm so glad that Dave wrote a last story of the old building----A little exciting story of old Charleston in the 1960's.


        My Charleston buddies, my brother Red and I would think nothing of going to Chicago to the Aerie Crown Theater in McCormick Place to here our favorite band, The Beach Boys.  We saw the earliest concert with striped shirts, and evidently they traveled in a station wagon. Ken Tylman would take over driving us around in his dad's station wagon.  We had a of fun camping out in a brand new mobile home on Irving Blvd.  My uncle's brother Dew Charleston trusted us in our visits and use of his new trailers.  I called into WLS radio--the news department-- on a pay-phone and requested "I Get Around."  The night DJ played the song for the Charleston boys visiting Chicago. 

          During this time period I purchased my first vehicle, a Ducati style motor bike (125 cc engine).  It was sharp, and I still miss it. 

           That's all for this page.  Enjoy my Nowhere memory site.   Howard Taylor


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