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Sand Creek Church of  Christ: 

Pioneer Church in Central Illinois
Rural Windsor, Illinois


The History and pictures of this old abandoned Church Continues
Enjoy a Visit to an ancient Church in Central Illinois

Important in that it had thousands of members and hosted a 19th Century "Camp Meeting" of thousands.  Hear about its start, heyday, and demise

Popularity, security, riches and easy work did not appeal to them. Their task was to proclaim the gospel to an unsaved and ungrateful world, and they performed that task with gusto. Camp meetings drew thousands of settlers from many miles distant. The people became converted to God's Son, returned home and spread their new-found faith among their neighbors. Theirs was a burning faith; an out-reaching faith which was not content to remain locked in a shell. They were compelled to shout it out to all who would hear. 

The tears and sweat manifested itself in the steadfastness with which the church at
Sand Creek held to the things of God. Since at least 1834, the poor people of the area had served their Master, perhaps imperfectly, perhaps ignorant of some fine doctrinal points, but always in the determination to do their best.

Now the little church was the proud parent of a half dozen other congregations of Saints, all looking to Sand Creek as the benefactor of their faith. Preaching points had been established through the years by Sand Creek, all of which had matured into separate units of the Body in their own right. A brick building had been constructed in 1874, bigger and better than the old log and frame meeting houses of earlier days, situated on a small knoll amid oak and walnut trees. A small cemetery lay due west, hallowed with the graves of the immortal soldiers of God

There was an older cemetery a quarter mile northwest, on the site of the original log house. Under its sod lay the moldering remains of those who had gone before, those whose footsteps of righteousness first echoed in the unbelieving chasm of godlessness in the then-great West. Now they had gone home, and it remained for their successors to carry the torch which had been held high for so long. The younger generation was not indifferent to this challenge, as they believed their presence this day would attest.
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