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Read an Award Winner and Respond

Caldecott Connection (grades 2 & 3):   A book that receives the gold medal from the American Library Association for the best illustrations in a child's book for the year.
1.  Go to Caldecott Connection and choose a book to read that you can find in the school media center. 
2.  Check out the book and read it for enjoyment.  
3.  Go back to Caldecott Connection and click the hyperlink for the book you chose and read.  If there is an author Biography link, go to that link and list 5-10 items from the biography.  Also choose a "writing" activity from the "Book Connection" ideas and complete it.   Report back to the class about your book and the activity results.  You can also create a poster, or write a short report about the information from the two activities.
Newberys by Title (grades 4-6):   A book for young people that is chosen by the American Library Association as the best "story" book for the year.  The book gets a gold medal and much recognition.
4.  Go to Newberys by Title and choose a book to read that you can find in the school media center. 
5.  Check out the book and read it for your enjoyment.
6 Go back to Newberys by Title and choose an Internet connection site to use as a resource for a poster or short report in relation to the book chosen.
7.  If you would rather, you can write a story of your own based upon a theme or themes from the Newbery book you read.  This story should be about 2 pages or so, according to how much you want to write.  Be prepared to present it to the class.

Read, Enjoy and Report on a Variety of On-Line Short Stories, Newspapers and Articles
Using the web links on the Project Arrow Table of activities, you may go to any of them, choose one as one to work on for at least one class period.  Read one or more articles from the website.  Respond back on the response form for literature.   Gather these written responses in a literature scrapbook.

"By Gosh" Online Stories for Kids--Younger and Older
"By Gosh" Online Novels for Kids

"By Gosh" Online Non-fiction Books for Kids

"By Gosh" Online Poems for Kids

"Time Magazine Online for Kids"

"DogoNews for Young Minds"-- K-8th grades

"KidsPost (Washington Post) for Kids"

Read a Tall Tale and Fairy Tales

Clarity Connect Collection of StoriesTales of All Kinds

Brownie Locks Fractured Fairy Tale Collection


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