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Abe Lincoln, New Salem Postmaster


The First Berry Lincoln Store and U.S. Post Office New Salem in Illinois

photo by Howard Taylor

 . . . Out of a job, Lincoln went to work for general-store-owner Samuel Hill.   Hill sold whiskey and was the town
postmaster. However, the townspeople felt that Lincoln could be a better postmaster. At the time, Lincoln's ambition was
growing.  On May 7, 1833, Lincoln placed a five-hundred-dollar bond, and became postmaster.
       Abe was not paid much for splitting rails, helping at the mill, and being an assistant surveyor. In fact in the three years as postmaster, he was not paid more than two hundred dollars.
       In addition, Lincoln's mailing route was huge. Lincoln helped out people who could not afford to pay their mail bills.
       In one instance, Lincoln was turned in by a friend and fined ten dollars for delivering
unpaid mail.   On May 30, 1836, Lincoln resigned as postmaster.


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