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Nobel Prize Super-Challenge


  1. Students can divide into groups of two. 

  2. The group of two will then choose a Nobel Prize winner from the Nobel Prize website listing.

  3. The team will then develop a traditional poster/dioramic type of display of their Nobel winner, and the discovery, literature item, or Peace Effort.  Any type of Nobel Prize will work for this project.

  4. Here are the elements that a successful Nobel Prize Presentation will have:

  • The Nobel Prize winner's name, and general biographical information: birth date; home place, including country and city; interesting life story facts, and  whether the winner is still living and/or death date.
  • A description of the theory, theme or idea behind the Nobel Prize given: 
  • What did the winner do to deserve the prize?   What did the winner do to effect mankind?
  • A detailed description of what the winner did in wording that we can understand.

The student team is to devise:

  • a visual display such as computer presentation, poster, diorama, or model of the Nobel Prize (Peace and literature prizes will require something different and even more creative such as a mini-drama or speaking presentation.

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