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Trivia Question about Abraham Lincoln


Seeing the Real Lincoln through art, casts, and images:  introduction


Lincoln Stories in His Own Words


Lincoln as a Poet and His Poetry


Abraham Lincoln's Poetry with Resources


Lincoln as Seen in His Letters to and From Friends and Relatives


The Old National Trail Activity


Mary Todd Lincoln Biography


Mary Todd Lincoln Information Site


Americaís White House:  Before and after the 16th President: 


  Americaís First Ladies


Reading Abraham Lincolnís Writing:  Itís your turn now (from primary sources in original handwriting) 


Hail to the Chief Project:  Comparing Presidents: 


The Founding Fathers:  the basis of Lincolnís political philosophy and Republicanism


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Portrait Readings Puzzle


Gutzon Borglum and Mt. Rushmore Memorial


Learning about Lincoln Through our Modern Technology


Gutzon Borglum and Stone Mountain Memorial, Georgia


Abraham Lincoln Death and Life Mask Activity


Abraham Lincoln in Shelby County, Illinois


Rail Splitting and Fence Building School Event


 Abe Lincoln and Williamsburg Hill (Shelby County, IL)


Tanya Stone Abraham Lincoln Photographic Story of a Life-- Study Guide and Attachment Topics


Abraham Lincoln's Presidential "WORDS OF WISDOM" ACTIVITY


Lincoln's public speaking:  Bits & Pieces Activity


A Lincoln Personal Life Timeline


Before & After "Lincoln in the Whitehouse" Activity


Lincoln and Kennedy Deaths Comparisons


Presidential Coincidences


Old Glory Activity


30 Questions to Answer about the Civil War

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