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Topic Ninety-nine:   Abraham Lincoln Presidential Narrative Trivia Hunt


Find the Answer to these Lincoln Trivia Questions by Reading the Whitehouse Biographies of Abraham Lincoln; the Time-Line History.  Go to the Whitehouse Biography;  and also use the links provided with each question for specialized resources.


Also you could use Wikipedia to find answers.

1.  What happens when a state secedes? 

When did the first southern state secede? 

Why did it secede?

Go here to find out which state seceded first.

Go here to find 5 reasons why the Confederate States of America were formed. 

Did the U.S.A. or any other country ever recognize the  Confederacy as a "country?"  Go here (scroll to the year 1861) to find out.

2.  Where did the President-Elect visit in Illinois, before leaving for Washington D.C. as President-elect?  Describe where this visit occurred, who was there to see him, and location of his farewell dinner.  Go here to find out.

3.  Name Lincoln's first cabinet members?   Go here  for a large picture of Lincoln and his cabinet with names.
4.  Did the President have a secretary?  Go here to read a description of the President's only secretary and other items about living in the White House.

5.  List three reasons why Lincoln did not accept secession.  Go here to find those reasons.
6.  Name Lincoln's first 4 generals (Union Generals).   Which General would finish the war successfully?

  What was the name of his Union Army? 

Go here for the Generals. 

Go here for the last General of the Army of the Potomac.

7.  What political party did Lincoln belong to in his early career?  What party was he a member of when running for U.S. Senate in 1858, and President in 1860?  Go here to read about Lincoln's party and what it stood for.

8.  Which Union General did not like Lincoln, refused to go after the Confederates, and ran for President against him in 1864?  Find out this General's name and more about him here.

9.  Which Civil War battle was the turning point in the war, and would later have the President dedicate a cemetery for its' dead?   Go here to find out.

10.  What great Union General was in-charge of winning Atlanta, and would later become infamous for burning it and all in his way to Savannah, Georgia?  Go here to find out who this great general was.  You may not agree with the actions of this General and his army.

11.  Who was the President of the Confederate States of America?  Go here to find out who the president was.  Who would become the Confederacy great General of the Army of Northern Virginia?    Go Here for the President.   Go here for the General's name.
12.  What was the issue that seemed to take over the Civil War, especially after the Proclamation Emancipation?  What was the name of the group of northerners that supported the South, and especially slavery?  Go here to find out about the issue.

Where is this statue of  President Lincoln located?  Who was the sculptor?  What does each column of the structure it resides in represent?  Go here for the answers

Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was issued on January 1, 1863

Credit: The Strobridge Lith. Co., Cincinnati.  "Abraham Lincoln and his Emancipation Proclamation." c1888.
Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress.

When did Abraham Lincoln get assassinated?  When was this grand tomb erected?  Who designed the bronze head of Lincoln, that has it's nose rubbed by visitors.  Go here to find out
16.  Dennis Hanks of  Charleston, Illinois made a trip to Washington to see his cousin, the President during the Civil War.  Why did he go there?  Go here and read the 3rd paragraph to find out.
17.  How many soldiers on both sides would lose their lives in the Civil War?
Go here for a total count.

18.  What was the Union money called during the Civil War?  Go here for a description of the Legal Tender Act of 1862

19.  Name and tell what happened to Lincoln's 1860 opponent in the Presidential election-- after Lincoln took office?  Would this great Illinois politician have supported the new President?    Go here to find out who he was, and what happened to him after the election.

20.  The Union, after the Proclamation Emancipation, would then allow what large group of men to be in the Army?  Go here to find out.

21.  Name the famous Civil War battle where African Americans would become great heroes and helpers in the war effort.  Go here to find out.
22.  Where did U.S. Grant and Robert E. Lee finally meet so that the Confederacy could surrender?  What did the Union soldiers do after the signing, when Lee left the courthouse?
Go here to find out.

23.  What was the name of President Lincoln's plan for reconstruction of the South after the war ended?  Go here to find out.
24.  After the war ended, President Lincoln would give his final speech from the White House balcony.  What did he say in that speech that aroused John Wilkes Booth to make a plan to assassinate the President and the Cabinet?  Go here to find out what Lincoln said that got Booth so radical. 
25.   Where did Abraham and Mary go the night of the assassination?  Who did they take along as guests?  How did John Wilkes Booth get into the theatre and finally shoot the President?  Where were the Presidential guards?  Go here for Harper's Weekly description of the assassination

26.  Mt. Rushmore at South Dakota celebrates four of our great Presidents.  Why was Abraham Lincoln chosen to be carved on the mountain.  Go here to find out why.

27.  Who was Gutzon Borglum, and what role did he play in the carving of Mt. Rushmore?
here for the answer.

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