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Introduction to Abraham Lincoln's Family History and Picture Album

 The Lincolns, Hanks and the Halls Travel to Illinois, 1830
based upon information from Dr. Charles Coleman:  Abraham Lincoln and Coles County, 1955--

Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Site (Rural Charleston, Il) Depicts Pioneer life in Illinois, 1830's and on.  

Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Site (Rural Charleston, Il) Depicts Pioneer life in Illinois, 1830's and on.  

A replica of the wagon that a young Abe, cousin Dennis Hanks, and father Thomas Lincoln would construct for the trip to the new "paradise" of Illinois.


Students: Start your Journey by Clicking the Wagon Bench. 



2 Introduction-- Dr. Charles Coleman, former Professor of History at Eastern Illinois State College, Charleston, wrote a definitive biography of Abraham Lincoln and his connection with Coles County, Illinois.  Dr. Coleman was well known in the Charleston, Illinois area and book, Abraham Lincoln and Coles County, Illinois (1955, Scarecrow Press), he would describe in-detail the life of the 16th President while in Illinois, and for this learning activity, the pioneer journey of the Lincolns, Hanks, and Halls into Macon County, Illinois and later Coles County.   The book is written with reliable primary sources whenever Dr. Coleman could find them.


3 About Dr. Charles Coleman-- has written other interesting articles, and Golden Anniversary of Eastern Illinois University.  His Lincoln book has motivated me to work with my children to instill the "personal family-man:  Abraham Lincoln."  We all know the Presidential history, but many do not realize how personable and funny old Abe was.  He could be seen on the square of Charleston, Il during court breaks telling stories, playing stick ball with kids, and of course visiting with his many relatives.  His book will be a resource to my children.

Activity Task-- In this activity, sets of questions will be provided.  Using Coleman's book or online resources, find the answers to the questions.  In addition, extra questions and activities will be provided. 



Dr. Charles Coleman's Book-- "Abraham Lincoln in Coles County" to Find Answers to the Questions.    Answer the Questions-- In each of these categories: Reading, Math, Social Science, Science, Miscellaneous and Attending a Pioneer School in the Midwest



Print Resources--

  • Excerpts from Dr. Charles Coleman's, Abraham Lincoln in Coles County, Scarecrow Press, New Brunswick, N.J., 1955. See the e-book connection.  This book is out of print.

  • Abraham Lincoln, the Boy and the Man by Lloyd Ostendorf, 1988.

  • Library books on Lincoln, the child, and other biographical Lincoln books from the school media center.

  • Books from home or the Public Library.



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