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A Hodgenville, Kentucky Lincoln Birthplace Festival Presenting the Lincolns:  

Mary and Abraham
October 11, 2002
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The Taylors (Howard and Sandra) were invited to attend the annual Hodgenville Lincoln Festival.  It was a wonderful affair.  The historical program occurred during the morning.  It was a foggy and somewhat overcast day, and the crowd was sparse in the morning at Hodgenville.  This would change in the afternoon.  Thousands would swarm into the little town of Hodgenville.

The Lincoln historical event included a parade of all the Lincoln presenters, their wives as the First Lady, and then oratorical presentations by all.  There was a great variety of speeches and stories presented by Abraham and Mary Lincoln.

During the 2002 presentation Dorothy McClerren would win 1st place for the Mary Lincoln presentation.  B.F. McClerren, her husband would do a fantastic job using his own natural voice and speech from memory.  All the presenters gave emotionally packed Lincoln speeches.  Illinois was also represented by a beardless Abraham Lincoln.

Here are some photos taken by Howard Taylor at that event.  Included is Kenny, the grandson of the McClerrens.