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The Story of "Andrew's Raiders"

The General
Civil War Learning Activity

Andrew's Raiders:  Our Country's First Medal of Honor Winners
The Texan
The Great Locomotive Chase and Andrew's Raiders

Photos by Howard Taylor at Tunnel Hill, GA
Follow along with the Map to
read the story, and to do your own illustrations of each map link.
Student Tasks:
Retracing the Route of the General & the Union Raiders' Adventure

A Learning Activity to learn of one Georgia's most exciting "Raider Stories" Follow these On-Line Directions to become knowledgeable in this great Civil War event. 


#1. Read The General and the Texan in the Great Locomotive Chase, 1862 describing Andrew's Raiders.  

#2.  Go to the Southern Museum  "Retracing the Route of the General" to get information about the Great Train Race of the Civil War.
#3. Trace the route and read the descriptions of the 8 main locations and events of the Great Locomotive Chase
Click Here for the Interactive Map
#4.  Answer the questions about the "16" locations that the Raiders stopped en-route to its final stop.
  Click Here for the Student Activity Page & Question/Answer Trivia Form
#5.  Identify the Parts of the GENERAL

#6. Find it Yourself-- Look up old steam locomotives, steam engines, and related Neat American Inventions.  Invent your own machine to "do the job easy".

Answers for General Parts Activity in this table:

Locomotive Parts Listing

1.  Cowcatcher 6.  W & ARR #3 Seal and Smokebox Door 11.  Pilot
2.  Piston Cylinder (one on each side) 7.Sanddome & Sander 12.  Tender car
3.  Headlamp 8. Smokebox 13.  Drive Wheels
4.  Stack 9. Steam dome 14.  Piston Rods
5.  Bell 10.  Whistle 15.   Bogie