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Topic Forty-seven: The Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address

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Gettysburg Battle Questions                  

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Use Google Search or your favorite search engine to find good sources about the Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address to find the answers for these questions.
1.  What part of the United States was Gettysburg located?  (North or South)
2.  Who were the generals for each side in this battle?
3.  What was Gettysburg?
4.  What could have happened if the Gettysburg battle would have been won by the Confederates?
5.  Did the War end at Gettysburg?  If not, what other battles occurred after it?
6.  After the battle what happened to all the dead soldiers in the fields?
7.  Why do you think the soldiers on each side of the battle fought this war?
8.  Who was the main speaker of the dedication of Gettysburg National Cemetery?
9.  How long did the main speaker speak, and how long did President Lincoln speak?
10.  In the Gettysburg Address by Lincoln, did he ever mention who won or lost in the battle?
11.  What do you think the most important words were in his address?
12.  How many sentences are there in the Gettysburg Address?
13.  Why did the President say "Four score and seven years ago," instead of 84 years ago?
14.  Why do you think so many soldiers died in the lines and rows as they did?
15.  Did the Confederate States of America want to "defeat and take-over" the Union?  If not, why were they at war against the Union?

16.  What caused the Civil War?

17.  Who were some of the big or little shots (officers) at Gettysburg?

18.  What are the highlights of the July 1 through 15, 1863 Gettysburg Battle?

19.  What is a regiment?  Name 4 of the Gettysburg Union regiments.

20.  What is the state militia?

21.  What was a regimental doctor called?  What was his responsibility?

22.  What governmental department was in-charge of Union army food?

23.  What do these "food" words mean:  rations, mess, messmates, haversack, hardtack?

24.  Who reported to the nation about the war and the Gettysburg battle?

25.  What person would take the gathered news to the newspaper?  What other "quicker" means was used to transport the news?

26.  Who provided music for the regiments?  What is the difference between a regimental band and a brigade band?

27.  Name the three main instruments used to march the army into battle?

28.  Soldiers often liked to write letters home.  Why?  What is the envelope of a letter called?

29.  Use ten "slang" words from the list and write a paragraph using these slang words.

30.  Battle flags and regimental flags were important.  What were flags called?  Who carried the regimental flags?

31.  What was the color guard's responsibility?

32.  Many granite statues stand on Gettysburg National Cemetery.  Who is depicted in these statues?  When were the statues created and placed?

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