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The Lincoln-Douglas Debates-- The Galesburg Debate

Fifth Joint Debate at Galesburg, Illinois, October 7, 1858

"Selected quotations" or "Excerpts"
by B.F. McClerren and Robert Sterling for the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Museum, Charleston, Illinois   SAD is Stephen A. Douglas, AL is Abraham Lincoln.

Galesburg, Illinois Lincoln-Douglas Debate Picture Album

SAD-- My friends ,. I say to you there is but one path of peace in this Republic, and that is to administer this Government as our fathers made it, divided into free states and slave States, allowing each State to decide for itself whether it wants slavery or not.

AL-- Now, I think that it is a grave question for the people of this nation to consider, whether, in view of the fact, that this slavery question has been the only one that has ever threatened or menaced a dissolution of the Union, that has ever disturbed us in such a way as to make us fear for our liberty--I say in view of these facts, I think it is an exceedingly important question for this people to consider, whether we shall enter upon a policy of the acquisition of new territory without regard to this question of slavery.

Each debate would start with a speech, and then reply, and finally a reply.  Go to Bartleby.com to read the complete text:

Mr. Douglasís Speech

Mr. Lincolnís Reply

Mr. Douglasís Reply

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