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The Lincoln-Douglas Debates-- The Charleston Debate

Fourth Joint Debate at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858

"Selected quotations" or "Excerpts"
by B.F. McClerren and Robert Sterling for the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Museum, Charleston, Illinois   SAD is Stephen A. Douglas, AL is Abraham Lincoln.

Charleston, Illinois Lincoln-Douglas Debate Picture Album

2AL-- The other way is for us to surrender and let Judge Douglas and his friends plant slavery in all the States, and submit to it as one of the common matters of property among us, like horses and cattle. That would be another way to settle the question, but while it stands in the way of progress as now, I have ventured the opinion that we will have no end to the slavery agitation until it takes one turn or the other.

4 SAD-- I am willing to offer my whole public life and my whole private life to the inspection of any man, or of all men, who desire to investigate it and if twenty-five years of residence among you, and nearly the whole time a public man, exposed, perhaps to more assaults and more abuse than any man living of my age, or that ever did live, and if I have survived it all, and commanded your confidence thus far, I am willing to trust to your knowledge of me and my public actions, without making any personal defense against those assaults from my enemies.

Each debate would start with a speech, and then reply, and finally a reply.  Go to Bartleby.com to read the complete text:

Mr. Lincolnís Speech

Senator Douglasís Speech

Mr. Lincolnís Rejoinder

Extract from Mr. Trumbullís Speech Made at Alton, Referred to by Mr. Lincoln in His Opening at Charleston

Extract from Mr. Douglasís Speech Made at Jacksonville, and Referred to by Mr. Lincoln in His Opening at Charleston

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