When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
277.  FIRE LOG 1979          

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January 5- CFD equipment stolen at manhole at 17th and Monroe

January 8— Gas fumes penetrate 6 city homes

January 12— Reuben Charlson purchases Decker Spring Mobile Home Park-to refurbish it

January 18- CFD rewards firemen who lose weight or weigh in at their proper weight

January 26,1979- BOCA Building Code adopted by City Council, to be enforced by building inspector, Terry Sharp

March 8— Fire in the game room at Regency Apartments (S. 9th St.)-cause questionable

March 21-   EIU "False Alarms" item; "4" EIU coeds arrested for pulling false alarms; 5th student also arrested

April 3— Charges dropped against EIU students for pulling alarms

April 4- Chief Taylor introduces the BOCA Fire  Prevention Code for Charleston to the City Council



May 25- Charleston City Council releases Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center from contract, Mattoon F.D. takes over fire protection of hospital

June 6— New fireman, Mike Murphy involved in training

July 2- Notice of firemen's civil service exam & qualifications

July 11- Chief Mel Taylor in Mercy Hospital at Champaign for work on scarred throat

July 14- Firemen start attempt to negotiate salaries

July 18- Firemen object to Commissioner Beusch's "Fitness Plan"

August 9- Famous Recipe Chicken restaurant fire, 1305 Lincoln St.

August 31- Capt. Leonard Ward retires

September 15- Tom Watson appointed Captain

September 25- CFD History write-up in Charleston newspaper


October 3- "Fit firemen fight fires faster" plan for firemen fitness is introduced

October 8- "3" students killed in house fire at 108 4th St.; Home at 114 4th St. (next door) also burns

October 11- Mel Taylor teaches fire safety at Senior Citizens

October 19- Fire at Furry Brothers Kawasaki Center, W. of Charleston on Rte. 16

November 7- Smoke detector ordinance amended

November 10- "Jaws of life" demonstrated by CFD; Residential fire at 409 Madison, mother and baby daughter rescued: two year old Jamie Hutson

November 17- Garage fire at 214 5th St. owned by Johnny Glidewell

November 20- Smoke Alarm ordinance approved

November 27- Garage fire at Brewer residence

December 12- Fireman Rod Franklin injured in explosion at Gano Welding Supplies