When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
FIRE LOG 1978      
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During 1978, problems arose between the arrangement
between the new Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center and
the Charleston City Government, concerning payment of
a $15,000 contractual fee arranged previously. This problem
would continue throughout much of the year.

January- Blizzard of '78

January 10,1978- Rural County Address Book presented
to Capt. Delbert McDivitt for CFD use

January 19- Residential fire at 1429 9th

January 27- 1977 annual fire report by Chief Taylor to
the City Council & Mayor

February 2- Coles County Coroner Dick Lynch
writes about a need for Charleston Emergency Health
Care (when Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital is blocked
from use by nature)

February 7- Meeting on 911 phone system

February 15- Charleston Day Care Center at the
Wesley United Methodist Church receives warnings
on need of more advanced fire detection and alarm system

February 29- Chief Mel Taylor interviewed by paper
"Fireman with the crazy wife"

March 8- Snowstorm drops 8" new snow

April 10- Gas leak on Lincoln St. checked our by
Fire Marshall and Ass't. Chief Les Hickenbottom;
City buys a new ambulance

April 11- Old "Haddock" apartments and grocery
store at 4th and Madison condemned as "Unfit for Human Habitation"    [See the 1985 Fire Log for more]

April 19- City Council votes to advertise for bids for a new Truck #4

April 27- Debris fire at 600 block of 6th St. (intentionally set?)



May 11- Firemen exposed to chemicals at Charleston Country Club storage shed fire

June 6- 12 bids submitted for new fire truck

June 14— City employees get raises

June 16- City budget set: Fire Protection budgets

June 26- Arthur Adcox, Building Inspector leaves position

July 6- Council votes to purchase a new Seagrave fire truck at $84,497, to be delivered in 240-280 days

July 10— Trailer fire and two auto fires

July 27- Residential fire at 1002 10th St.-arson suspected, seven made homeless

September 29- Student residence burns at 763 10th St.

October 7- Charleston water tower cleaned by City Water Dep't. and CFD

October 13- "Cold Facts" for older folks is introduced to CPD and CFD

October 19- Central Illinois Fire chief's Association meets at Charleston Holiday Inn

November 9- Edwin (Bud) Hildebrand appointed Captain

December (?)- Trailer fire at the trailer home

December 2- Chief Melvin Taylor on WCIA-TV's "Call About program"

December 29- "Smoke Detectors could save your life" article by Chief Mel Taylor