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An Online List of 1980-1982  Fire History Pages


1980-- Fire Log List 298
1980-- Loxa Livestock Barn Fire & Fires at EIU 299
1980-- EIU Student Plunge to Death & Dual Trailer Fires 300
1980-- Jamie Hutson Rescuers Honored 301
1980-- New Seagrave Pumper Arrives & 16 Injured in Van Accident Part One 302
1980-- New Seagrave Turns Over in Ditch Part Two 303
1980-- New Seagrave in Ditch Part Three 304
1980-- New Seagrave Arrives Part Four 305
1980-- Commissioner Clancy Pfeiffer Describes the New E-5 Seagraved Part Five 306
1980-- Dangerous Trailer Fire--Family Gets Out & Large Fire at Robert Shoot Farm 307
1980-- Larry McGinnis Presents Award to Louise Taylor & Sidwell Welding Fire 308
1981-- Fire Log List,Les Hickenbottom and First Smoke Detector Violation Given 309
1981-- Charleston Grain Elevator Fire Part One 310
1981-- Pictures of the Big Grain Elevator Fire Part Two 311
1981-- Aftermath of the Grain Elevator Fire Part Three 312
1981-- Trailer Fire with Injuries & EIU Student House Burns 313
1981-- Mattoon's Hulman Warehouse Burns 314
1981-- Smoke Detector Use Effective in Charleston & Former Fire Chief Edgar Riley Dies 315
1981-- "E" St. Easements Purchased to Expand to Madison St. & EIU Fined for Lawson Hall Fire Inspection Violations & Central Illinois Chiefs Meet 316
1981-- More About the Lawson Hall Violation & Gasoline Leaks into Sewers 317
1981-- Assistant Chief Les Hickenbottom Gives Holiday Fire Safety Warnings 318
1982-- Fire log Pages 319
1982-- Blagg Furniture Store Fire Part One 320
1982-- Blagg Furniture Store Fire Part Two 321
1982-- Blagg Furniture Store Fire Part Three 322
1982-- Blagg Furniture Store Fire Part Four 323
1982-- Blagg Furniture Store Fire Part Five -- "Dog "Chances" Survived & House Fires 324
1982-- Houses on Jackson and M Kinley Burn & Several Fires in January 325
1982-- Fire Death Rate for 1971-1977 High, Warning given by Chief Taylor on Fire Danger and Safety in the Home and Heating Systems 326
1982-- Commissioner Buesch and Mayor Hickman Leave City Government for State Positions, Old Time Mattoon Fireman Dies & Hydrants Color Coded for Pressure 327
1982-- Barn Fire at Coles County Fairgrounds (Lots of Hay Burns) & Tom Watson Gives a Positive Report about the Ambulance Service 328
1982-- Quad Fire Engine "For Sale" & Fire Prevention Week Proclamation issued by Mayor Hickman 329
1982-- House Fire & a Report by Hospital Nurse Carol Watson about the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 330
1982-- Dr. Hofacker Barn Fire, State Settles with EIU on Fire Violations (Lawson Hall) & the Fire Rating for Charleston is Improved for Lower Insurance Rating 331


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