When the Gong Rings



An Online List of 1974-1975 Fire History Pages


1974-- Fire Log List 209
1974-- Commissioner Thornburgh and Others at the New Station Two & Ammonia Tank Turns Over at 4th and Madison 210
1974-- New Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Class & a Letter of Appreciation by Better Boyer for the New Ambulance Service 211
1974-- Insurrection Squelched at the Coles County Jail & Captain Gene Hackett Gives Brigade Training at Bruning 212
1974-- An "After the Fact" Vote of Support on the New Ambulance Service, Charleston High School Lounge Fire & Other Fire Incidents 213
1974-- Mix Up in Address Slows Fire Response, Attic Fire at 4th and Jackson & EIU Pemberton Hall Blaze 214

1974-- New American-LaFrance Pumper & Training at EIU

1974-- More About the New Pumper & House Fire on C Street 216
1974-- Vice President Gerald Ford Visits EIU, Firemen House and Wash Ford's Car 217
1974-- Ambulance Coordinator Tom Watson Shows New Ambulance, Big Railroad Explosion in Decatur & Gas Rupture in Charleston 218
1975-- Fire Log List 219
1975-- EIU Dorm False Alarms Continue & Martin Apartments Fire 220
1975-- 7 EIU Students Lose Their Homes in Martin Apartments Fire 221
1975--  Charleston Firemen Get Basic State Fire Certification & Car-Truck Collision East of Fairgrounds 222
1975-- Fireman Larry McGinnis Side Job, Chief George Milliner Announces Retirement & Commissioner Thornburgh Seeks a Chief 223
1975-- A Chief Candidate with a College Degree? 224
1975-- Mayor Hickman Makes His Choice:  Assistant Chief Mel Taylor is Appointed as Chief 225
1975-- George Milliner "Blazed Many Trails at Charleston Fire Department" Retires 226
1975-- George Milliner Honored 227
1975-- Mormons Paint Fire Hydrants for the Bicentennial & Fires and Politics in Charleston 228
1975-- Fires Cause Heavy Damage Costs & Firemen Visit Kids for Fire Safety 229
1975-- Whalen Grain Elevator Fire 230
1975-- Trailer Fire-- Three Children Die Part One 231
1975-- Trailer Fire-- Three Children Die Part Two 232
1975-- Trailer Fire-- Three Children Die Part Three 233
1975-- Trailer Fire-- Three Children Die Part Four 234
1975-- Trailer Fire-- Three Children Die Part Five 235
1975--  Charleston Fire and Police Commission Announces Exams for New Firemen & A Taylor Family Member Married 236


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