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Black Codes (the Illinois Black Code Portion)-- Picture Task Puzzle

       Find the hotspot links within each picture, and click the link.  You will go to a website with a question or task.  Read the links provided and answer the questions.


The Crenshaw House (also known as the Crenshaw Mansion, Hickory Hill or, most commonly, The Old Slave House) Located in Gallatin County, Illinois

Bounty Hunters Capturing black men as a result of the Fugitive Slave Law

Read About the Battle at the Quaker village of Christiana, Pennsylvania, in Lancaster County between Philadelphia and Gettysburg.  The village welcomed fugitive slaves who came its way and helped them along.  Three fugitive slaves arrived belonging to Maryland wheat planter Edward Gorusch.  Gorusch was a mean-tempered man.  A battle occurred.  The Fugitive Slave law was very rough law reaching into free states to gather any runaway slaves or sometime freemen, and return them to owners or into slavery.

16th President & Slavery

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