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Topic Nineteen:  The Lincolns in the White House

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1860 White House
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The Old Soldiers' Home located on a hill northeast of Washington D.C., about three miles from the city Victorian style home is now being restored as a memorial to the 16th President by the U.S. government.   The Lincoln family would use this as their summer retreat. 



Questions about the residences of the Lincoln Family

1.  What did the Lincolns gain when moving into the White House-- Mary and the boys?   Click here for the answer.

2.  President Lincoln came from Springfield, Illinois, and was used to very common and simple living.  At the White House he would be compelled by special customs to do many important things in his new home (the White House).  What were some of these new things he "did not" enjoy? Click here.

3.  Mary, especially, suffered over many deaths while in the White House.  She had to go on leading the social life that the First Lady was expected, while handling much grief.  Who died and what relation were them to Mary and Abraham?  click here

4.  In Brook's summary (close to the Lincoln's and a journalist in 1863 wrote about the White House) the building is described in detail.  Answer these questions about his article:  click here for the article

a.  What statue was front in a small park?  Click here for an answer

b.  What entrance into the White House controlled by guards or security? Click here to find out.

c.  In the final paragraph Brooks describes what Washington D.C. was like when the Lincolns moved in.  What group was "thick" or infested within the capitol to make it a very dangerous place for the President and his family?

d.  Click here:   When the Lincolns moved into the White House (1861) a grand reception was held.  How many people attended?  What happened to their hats and coats?

e.  In the 3rd paragraph,  Click here, we can hear about just "who" entered the White House on normal working days.  Many wanted jobs, political favors, and were relatives or old friends of the President.  Did anyone just walk in for "no reason," and what did the President think about these?

5.  William Stoddard, (Click Here) one of Lincoln's secretaries mentioned in his remembrances that Lincoln realized he was the "revolutionary dictator" of the United States.  What do you think this means?

6.  How did President Lincoln treat women and children?  (Click for the last paragraph of Here)

7.  Why did the President and his family move out to the Old Soldier's?  Click Here 

8.  Where else did the President like to spend his free time?  Click Here

10.  If you were to go into the office of President Lincoln at the White House, how do you think he would greet you?  Click Here.

11.  Using the Interactive Maps (Click Here) make up a description of the White House, including the three levels (basement, first floor, second floor).  In your description of each, tell about who would be where, and the purpose for each room.)

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