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Master Question List-- Trivia Question about Abraham Lincoln

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The Categories The Questions
1) Illinois Roots





1.  Where did Abraham "live" when in Illinois (name the places)?  
2. Where did Abraham give his first political speech (not at New Salem)?  
3. What profession did Abraham practice at Springfield?  
4. Who were Abraham's partners at Springfield?  
5. What Illinois political offices did Abraham win and hold?  
6. Where, when, and which relative did Lincoln go to visit as President Elect?
7. What did Abraham say at his "Farewell Speech" at Springfield that he could never fulfill?

2) The Lincoln Family





1. Name the Lincoln children, and what were their ages when they moved to the White House?  
2. Which Lincoln child was the most like their father (personality)?  
3. What was it like for the children to live in the White House (where could they play, what could they do, and did they have pets?)  
4. Two Lincoln children died while living at the White House-- What do we think caused their deaths?  

3) The First Lady





1. Mary and Abraham were engaged to be married how many times?
2. While living in Springfield, Mary told an interviewer that her husband would be what?  
3. After winning the Presidential election, Abraham ran home and announced to Mary what:_________________________________? 
4. Mary would visit and help what group in Washington the War?
5. Mary felt it was a duty for her to host these at the White House.  
6. What were they, and did Abraham enjoy attending them?

4) Washington D.C.





1. Was Washington D.C. a "pleasant" place to live during the Civil War?  Why?

2.  How was Washington D.C. protected during the Civil War?

3.  What kind of streets did Washington have in the 1860's? 

4.  George Washington chose the site of Washington D.C. for the nation's capitol.  What kind of land was the city site in the beginning?

5.  What two Washington monuments were not completed when Lincoln took office?


5) The Whitehouse





1.  What condition was the Whitehouse when the Lincolns moved into it in 1861?

2.  What did the First Lady do about the condition of the Whitehouse?

3.  Where did the Lincoln Family go to live during the hot summers?

4. Where did the President spend his "war planning" time away from normal Whitehouse activity?

5.  What was it like for the Lincoln family to live in the Whitehouse during the Civil War?


6) The Politician





1.  Make a timeline of public offices that Abraham Lincoln ran for and held. 

2.  What did it mean when he said he only "lost once" in a public election? 

3.  What party did Abraham Lincoln belong to in the 1840's?

4.  What party did Abraham Lincoln belong to in the 1850's and into the 1860's?

7) The Cabinet





1.  List the cabinet members and their departments on Lincoln's first administration. 

2.  Who did he replace by the time of the second administration?

3.  Did President Lincoln take advice from his cabinet?  How did he and his cabinet work out the idea of the "Emancipation Proclamation," and when it should be released.


8) Speeches





1.  What does it mean when it says that Abraham learned to speak on a stump?

2.  What sources of literature did Abraham use in wording of his speeches?

3.  List three of Lincoln's greatest speeches and tell what they were about. 

9) The People





1.  How did President Lincoln manage his Whitehouse?  Were the common or "special" people allowed to visit with him?

2.  What special events occurred in the Whitehouse that were controlled by the First Lady?

3.  Did President Lincoln answer his letters from people?

4.  How did President Lincoln handle requests for people threatened with execution for supposed war crimes such as sleeping on guard duty, desertion, or other things as came up?


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