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      1837 was the big year for Abraham Lincoln.  He would make the move to Springfield.  He did not live in the Lincoln Home until 1844.  Abraham was known to live in rental apartments, rooms and a variety of places, but all this would change Nov. 4, 1842.  He had met a young woman by the name of Mary Todd.  They would marry on that date.  A new home would be needed for the "socialite" Mary Todd Lincoln.  Temporarily they resided at the Globe Tavern.

        The only home Abraham Lincoln would ever "own" was located at 8th and Jackson Streets in Springfield.  Mary and Abraham purchased it in 1844 for $1,500.  Robert Todd, their first son, was not even a year old.  The home only had one story in the beginning, and a second story would be added in 1856.  The Home is a National Memorial now, with the whole block preserved much as it was in Lincoln's time.  A visitor's center with a movie of Lincoln at Springfield is popular to begin your visit.


      In 1837 the Springfield paper announced "J.T. Stuart and A. Lincoln, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, will practice conjointly in the courts of this Judicial Circuit.  Office No. 4, Hoffman's Row, upstairs."
It is said that a later law partner Billy Herndon, would listen the Mr. Lincoln read his paper out-loud to himself each morning.  Can you imagine trying to think and work with someone reading out-loud.  The Lincoln-Herndon Law Office is now a historical site.  It is located across the street from the Old Capitol Building.


      Until 1861, Abraham's life centered around law work in Springfield and on the circuit.  The old state capitol is the location of where Representative Lincoln practiced his first political career years from 1834-1846.  In this building Lincoln would give his "House Divided" speech.  Rumblings of Civil War and secession would get louder.  This occurred in June of 1858.


        An interior view of the staircase in the Old Capitol Building.  The entire structure has been restored to how it was during Lincoln's Time.


       Lincoln's Tomb, a place where all Springfield Lincoln visitors like to visit.  More details about this tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery are given in the "Return to Springfield" page of this website.


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