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Spencer Repeating Rifles in the Civil War

Answer the Questions with short answers with information from the website link.

Check this site for technical data about the rifle

1.  Who was the General that was ordered by President Lincoln to order 10,000 Spencer Repeater Rifles?   General Ripley, Chief of Ordnance  

2.  What state was Christopher Spencer born and raised?   a Connecticut Yankee  

3.  Why was the Spencer Repeater Rifle so important to our winning of the Civil War?  Check Here

4.  The Spencer "Repeater" Rifle invention was nearly stopped by President Lincoln personally.  Tell us why Lincoln had big questions about the rifle? 

5.  A sad part of our history was the war with our Natiave Americans in the West.  It is an important part of our history, and the "Henry Rifle"had a big part in it.  Tell us why the repeater was so important in the old West.  Check Here


6.  Match the Spencer Repeater Parts:


Match Correct Part Name Here.  Check for answers Part Names (not in order) to choose from
a.  Rod


b.  Lever


c.  Spiral


d.  Magazine


e.  Block


f.  Fulcrum


g.  Piviting Small Lever


h.  Breech


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