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The Lincoln Bicentennial of his birthday Penny Collection


Abraham Lincoln's birthplace and cabin, Hodgenville, KY



A young Abraham reading in Indiana



Lincoln giving a speech outside of the State Capitol at Springfield


The U.S. Capitol Building (unfinished) as it was when President-elect Lincoln arrived in Washington D.C.


The top of the new penny, as repeated on all 2009 new versions

Old Penny Collection

1st Penny-- 1909

1943--the steel penny (WW II era)

Where did the Lincoln portrait come from as used on the penny?

   Photo by Alexander Gardner

Does it look familiar? 
Article #

Provided when going to articles



Y or N


Penny number & Location on Penny Pics


Write two facts or "new" things you read from the reading selection.  These should be "important" things as determined by your opinion.









  #4--word ONE  






  #6--Lincoln's beard  



  #3--Flag on top of the dome  



  #1--the word CENT  



  1909 Penny--the word AMERICA  



  Steel penny--Lincoln's hair  






  Gardner portrait--Lincoln's nose  









  Steel penny--1943  






  #4--left shorter dome of Capitol  






  1909 Penny--left wheat stock  



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