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The Boy Abraham: A Childhood Trivia Hunt

1.  Abraham Lincoln was born in a what?  Answer   

2.  What were the boy Abraham Lincoln's Favorite Books?  Give the title   Answer
3.  The second farm that young Abraham lived was called what?  Answer
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4.  Abraham quickly learned to split _____ into rails  Answer
5.  Abraham's father's name was what?  Answer

6.  What was Abraham's brother's name, who died as a baby? Answer


7.  Abraham's older cousin, tutor and friend was Dennis _______   Give his last name   Answer

8.  What was the name of the spring next to baby Abraham's first home? Answer

9.  Young Abraham attended school for how long?  Answer


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Lincoln Log Puzzle
10.  What was Abraham's birth mother's name Answer
11.  Young Abraham was saved from drowning by whom?  Answer 12.  Young Abraham was saved from drowning by whom?


13.  What state did the Lincolns move into after Kentucky?  Answer

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