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CONTENTS SET A:  Abraham Lincoln Biographical Information -- Child and Boyhood

Topic Five:  The Lincoln's Move to Illinois, March, 1830 & Topic Four:  Lincolns and Pioneer Life-- Frontier Education (See Links Below) &  Topic 115. Pioneer Life  &  Topic thirteen:  the Old National Trail

       The 21 year old Abe would make a trip to Jones' Store to stock up on a little stock of pins, needles, buttons, tinware, suspenders, and knickknacks, to peddle on the way to Illinois.  After a final trip to the knoll where his mother was buried, Abe would say perhaps his last goodbye.
       The Lincolns would pack the wagon with bundles of bedclothes, skillets, ovens, and a few pieces of furniture.  Abraham, as a full-grown adult, could have gone anywhere and done whatever he wanted, but he stuck to his family.  He would make the two-week trip to Illinois.

    Items made by Thomas Lincoln, perhaps some packed into the wagon, or built after moving into Goosenest Farm cabin (Lincoln Log Cabin)

Bureau for storage


Chest of drawers actually
taken out of Goosenest Cabin, rural Lerna, Illinois


Map Showing the States the Lincolns Traveled

Lincoln's Enter Illinois in 1830 Description
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