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CONTENT TOPIC- Virtual Field Trip Through Coles County for Lincoln and Grant Sites

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       See how many questions you can answer about Abe in Coles County.  You can use the Virtual Field Trip Guide in your notebook, or look and listen for answers on the field trip.   Write your answers on a separate piece of paper. 


1.  When did the Lincolns First Arrive in Coles County?  How many wagons did they have, and how many   people were in the group?  Who was in the group?


2.  Where did the three families initially cross into Coles County?


3. Where is the ford (Embarrass River) crossing where the Lincolns and others passed over before entering into the village of Charleston?


4. Who were the other two families that came into Illinois with the Thomas Lincolns?


5. Where did the families end up settling after entering into Illinois?


6. Why did Thomas Lincoln and others return to Coles County?


7. How many farm sites and cabins did Thomas and Sarah Lincoln build in Coles County?


8. The Shiloh Cemetery has an interesting history.  Who are buried there that was important to Abraham Lincoln?


9. Who else was buried in Shiloh in 1851, that were not important historically, and do not have gravestones?


10.  The Old Charleston Cemetery has gravestones marking important people of Lincoln's life.  Who were they, and how were they related to Lincoln?


11.  At the Old Cemetery, another person just got a new marker from the Federal Government.  Who was he, and what is his fame in life?


12.  Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Site is also called another name.  What is that name?  Are the cabins and other structures original to Thomas and Sarah Lincoln?


13.  How many farm sites did Thomas Lincoln own in Coles County?


14.  Abraham Lincoln came to Charleston many times to practice his profession.  What was his profession?  What case trial, originating from the Oakland area brought national attention?


15.  Dr. Rutherford, from Oakland, was an activist in what area of concern?


16.  Dr. Rutherford and a friend got involved in a legal matter involving the case trial from question #13.


17.  Who were the defendants in this lawsuit (names and numbers involved)?  Who was the plaintiff?  When did this case-trial occur?


18.  Who were the lawyer(s) for the defendant?  Who were the lawyer(s) for the plaintiff?


19.  Which side won this case?


20.  What happened to the defendants after the trial ended?


21.  Abraham Lincoln would return to Charleston in 1858 for a special occasion.  What was this occasion?  When and where was it held?


22.  Where did he spend the night before joining the parade entrance into Charleston the next day?


23. Where did he spend the night after the event, before returning to Charleston?


24. Abe Lincoln ran for the U.S. Senate in 1858.  Who won that election?


25. What did Abraham Lincoln say about "equality of blacks" in his Charleston Debate? 


26. How many people were estimated to be present for the Debate?


27. Was Stephen Douglas' wife present with him during the Debate?


28. How long did each speaker get to talk during the Debate?  Was the crowd allowed to clap, yell, and laugh at the comments?


29. Did Abraham Lincoln's family ever come with him to visit the Lincolns and other relatives in Charleston?


30. Dennis Friend Hanks was a popular Lincoln speaker in the late 19th century.  Who was Dennis Hanks?


31. What did he do for living in Charleston?


32. Did he ever get to visit President Abraham Lincoln in the White House?  If he did, what was the occasion of the visit? 

33. Why was there a riot on the square during the Civil War?  Who was involved in this riot? 

34. A Colonel in the Illinois Militia "mustered" the troops in Mattoon in 1861.  What was his name?  What would be his fame in later life?


35. Abraham Lincoln was called the Rail-Splitter candidate when running for President in 1860.  Who went to Chicago and carried rails into the National Convention, and started Abe's nickname tradition?


36. Did Abraham Lincoln get to see his father in the final months before he died (1851)?


37. Who is Matilda (Tildy Moore)?  How was she related to Abraham Lincoln?


38. When President Abraham Lincoln came to Coles County after becoming President-Elect, where did he go while here, and what did he do?


39. How did the President-Elect get to Charleston for the visit as President-Elect?  Did he have a large group of towns-people or the national press present to report on his visit?  Why?


40. Was Sarah Bush Lincoln alive when her step-son was assassinated?  What did she think about his future when he was elected President?


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