Learning Lincoln On-line


America's House, The White House, Learning Activity: "Before and After" the 16th President


Activity Answer Sheet

Follow These Steps:

1.  Choose a President before Abraham Lincoln and after Abraham Lincoln
2.  Complete the information boxes in the chart about the two Presidents, plus one for Mr. Lincoln.
3.  You will have to print three Activity Answer Sheets and a Portrait Page
4.   Lastly, we would like for you to draw a portrait of the 16th President in color.  Make it with as many details as possible--  hair, eyebrows, eyes, mole on his cheek, facial wrinkles, and a shirt/coat with his trademark bow tie.  If you want to put a stove pipe hat on him-- great!
Have fun.

The Answer Boxes:
Find Your Answers Here   You will have to look up the wife of the President separately (First Ladies)
President's Name:. .



What motto or theme represents his Presidency?


Years as President:


Greatest Accomplishment




Abraham Lincoln


Make your Lincoln Portrait Here: