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1.  Frontier life and illiteracy & A Blab School Dramatic Presentation

2.  Daniel Boone, The Northwest Territory and Ordinance of 1787

3.  Lincoln Family Genealogy Project/Family Tree Project

4.  The Pioneer Farm If you lived with the Thomas Lincoln Family Activity

5.  Pioneer Travel:  How the Lincoln family traveled into Illinois, 1830

6.  Abraham moves to New Salem

7. Abraham’s many careers at New Salem

8.  Abraham moves to Springfield/ meets and marries Mary Todd

9.  The Lincoln family pageant

10.  Abraham Lincoln, lawyer (Lincoln’s Hat Activity)

11.  Lincoln's Early Politics and Life in Springfield

12.  Lincoln-Douglas Debates--About the Debates & Having a Classroom Debate

13.  "My Personal Stories" by Abraham Lincoln

14.  Lincoln Family Parlor Puzzle/ Circuit Rider Links

15. American Slavery Project including a Variety of Activities and Resources

16.  Lincoln and Secession

17. Getting to Know Lincoln's Presidential Cabinet

18.  Life in Washington D.C.:  The Lincolns move to Washington D.C. Expanded with a Picture Puzzle

19.  Learning about Lincoln Through our Modern Technology

20.  President Lincoln and His Generals

21.  Questions about Lincoln and the Civil War: by Category

22.  The People Influential to President Lincoln

23.  President Lincoln and his "Thistle Picking" Style of Dealing with People

24.  Lincoln's Politics, Speeches and Debates Listing

25.  The Founding Fathers:  the basis of Lincoln’s political philosophy and Republicanism

26.  Great Speeches by President Lincoln

27.  General U.S. Grant "Bulldog" Learning Activity

28.  Civil War (First Modern War) Technologies

29.  Civil War Life (of the people of the north and south)

30.  The War Room (President Lincoln’s center of operation)

31.  On the Battlefield:  Lincoln’s commanders in the field   

32.  Emancipation Proclamation: introduction from the Lehrman Institute on-line

33.  The Medal of Honor:  Using the Medal of Honor A-Z Civil War listing website for information

34.  The War Ends: Surrender at Appomattox

35.  Civil War Question set (thirty questions)
36.  The President’s Assassination

37.  Learning about Lincoln Through his letters to and from friends and relatives

38.  Seeing the Real Lincoln through art, casts, and images:  introduction

39.  Abraham Lincoln, Student of War

40.  The Great Generals of the Civil War

41.  Great Battles lost and won

42.  Statistics on Casualties

43.  Frederick Douglass & Black Soldiers of the Civil War: Northern Star Puzzle and the Reading/Research/Reporting Activities

44.  The Air Balloon for Spying

45.  The United States Military Railroad System: the first railroad war

46.  Allan Pinkerton, America’s First Private Eye; Union spies during the Civil War

47.  The Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address Activities

48.  President Lincoln Leads the War

49.  The Higher Moral Ground:  Questions for consideration

50.  Lincoln and his command

51.  Civil War politics and the President

52.  Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction;  Andrew Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction

53.  Reading Abraham Lincoln’s Writing:  It’s your turn now   (from primary sources in original handwriting)  Gettysburg Address; Acceptance Speech; the Emancipation Proclamation

54.  Hail to the Chief Project:  Comparing Presidents:  Which president do you think was or is best?

55.  Lincoln and Abolitionism Press Conference Drama Activity

56.  America’s White House:  Before and after the 16th President:  Student job and comparison chart

57.  The Great Locomotive Chase Resource and Activity

58.  America’s First Ladies:  a learning activity     Guidelines and challenge questions

59.  Gutzon Borglum and Mt. Rushmore Memorial

60.  Gutzon Borglum and Stone Mountain Memorial, Georgia

61.  Lincolns bits and Pieces from his famous speeches

62.  Lincoln Readings, the Springfield Years Penny Puzzle
63.  Slavery in the South
64.  The Ironclads and the Navy during the Civil War

65.  A Study Guide for the Tanya Stone Lincoln Book (in PDF format)

66.  Gideon Welles, President Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy

67.  Great Reading Project:  Fort Sumter Battle Readings Puzzle

68.  21 Great Battles of the Civil War

69.  Lincoln and the Abolitionists- More Meanings Activity

70.  Comparing the Armies of the North and the South and Generals Grant and Lee

71.  Chivalry in Civil War Military, including Southern Culture and  Mosby's Raiders

72.  Gettysburg Address Treasure Hunt with Questions to Answer.  Two Versions

73. Abraham Lincoln Presidential Portrait Readings Puzzle

74.   Ironclad Gunboat Learning Site

75.  Abraham Lincoln's Political Life Resources and Activity

76.  Abraham Lincoln Stories:  Analysis Reading Activity

77.  Admiral James Buchanon, CSS and Rear Admiral David Farragut: Comparison and Contrast

78.  Great Generals and Admirals of the Civil War: Questions and Answers

79.  Brevet Officers of the Union and Maj. General George Armstrong Custer

80.  Commodore David Dixon Porter and the Mississippi Squadron Articles and Responses to the "Great Hoax at Vicksburg, and those Infernal Machines"

81.  Steamboats in America and the Civil War "Steel & Steam" & "Disaster of the Sultana"

82.  Generals Jeb Stuart and Phillip Sherican:  the Cavalry in the Civil War

83.  Abraham Lincoln:  Words of wisdom

84.  Lincoln Presidential Topics Question Picture Puzzle 

85.  The Tredegar Ironworks and Northern Civil War Industry

86.  Life During the Civil War and in Washington D.C.-- Reading On-Line and Essay Starters

87.  America and the Telegraph, During the Civil War; the First Presidential T-Mails

88.  Black Union Soldiers and Abolitionists Picture Puzzle for Questions and Answers

89.  Inventions & Inventors During the 19th Century(Model of Abraham Lincoln's Patent in the Smithsonian)

90.  Black Slave Codes of the Northern States, The Fugitive Slave Act and Picture Puzzle

91.  Lincoln's War Politics: The Major Political Actions During the Civil War

92.  Lincoln and the Abolitionists- Research using the Library of Congress & a Drama with Script

93. Abraham Lincoln's Autobiographies

94.  The Lincoln-Douglas Debates & Debating in the Classroom Activity

95.  The Pinkerton Detective Agency & Spies During the Civil War Activities

96.  Civil War Contraband: Camps, Fort Monroe, General Buchanon & General Sherman

97. Lincoln's Letter to Albert Hodges about "What Lincoln Thoughts about Slavery" Vocabulary and Reading Activity

98. President Lincoln Assassinated!
99. Abraham Lincoln and Gen. George Mc Clellan
100. Lincoln's Feelings and Actions about Slavery + Tasks
101. Lincoln's House Divided Speech and the Issues of the Time
102. Abraham Lincoln's Poetry with Resources
103. Abraham Lincoln in Shelby County, Illinois
104. The Old National Road and Highways of the U.S.
105.  Mary Todd Lincoln Information Site
106.  Rail Splitting and Fence Building School Event
107. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy
108.   Tanya Stone Abraham Lincoln Photographic Story of a Life-- Study Guide and Attachment Topics
109.  Buffalo Soldiers of the West-- African-American Soldiers--An Online Puzzle
110.  Lincoln and Kennedy Deaths Comparisons
111.  The Confederate Flag in Different Forms
112.  Lincoln's Cabinet: A Team of Rivals
113.  Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy
114. Civil War Era Political Cartoons
115.  Pioneer Life & the Old National Trail
116.  Old Glory-- Learning about our Flag


Introduction    Click Here for a Pamphlet-Guide

1.  Abraham Lincoln’s Journey in Life Begins: Sinking Spring and Knob Creek Farms, Kentucky

2.  The Lincolns move to Indiana, 1816

3.  The Lincolns move to Illinois, 1830

4.  Thomas and Sarah Lincoln move to Coles County

5.  Abraham Lincoln moves to New Salem

6.  Abraham Lincoln moves to Springfield, Illinois

7.  Abraham and Mary move to Washington D.C. (Congressional seat)

8.  Abraham Lincoln elected President; visits Step-mother at the Matilda (Tildy) Moore Home in FarmingtonPresident-elect visits step-mother at Farmington before leaving for Washington D.C.

9.  Lincoln family moves to Washington D.C.

10.  President Lincoln assassinated at Ford Theater

11.  The body of the President and son Willy return to Springfield, several funeral ceremonies along train route

12.  The President buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery,  Springfield

13.  Lincoln’s Tomb as it is now




Introduction Click Here to Enter

1.  The trip through Coles County:  The Lincolns, Hanks and Johnston’s

2.  The Old Charleston Cemetery (pioneer cemetery)

3.  Thomas Lincoln Farms

4.  The Matilda "Tildy" Moore House

5.  Dr. Rutherford home (Oakland) & the Matson Slave Trial

6.  The site of the Coles County Courthouse

7.  The site of the 1850’s Railroad Depot

8.  The site of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate, 1858 & the Museum

9.  The Thomas Marshall House (Jackson Street, Charleston, Illinois); a part of the Lincoln lore of Charleston

10.  The site of the Capitol House Hotel on the square

11.  Gordon Cemetery & Shiloh Cemetery, gravestones of Thomas and Sarah Lincoln and relatives

12.  The site of the Charleston Riot (Union soldiers and Copperheads) during the Civil War

13.  Plaque and site honoring Colonel U.S. Grant mustering the Illinois Volunteers for the Civil War

14.  Site of the original railroad depot and the Essex House Hotel (same facility) used by Lincoln in travels to Charleston

15.  Five Mile House, oldest structure in Coles County, maybe visited by Lincoln      Also called “Jug House”

Conclusion.  The Lincoln connection and folklore is strong in Coles County, Illinois


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