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Photo by Howard Taylor

Photo of the Three Confederate Leaders depicted on the Stone Mountain Memorial
Davis, Lee, and Jackson


1865 36-star American Flag, with the new state, Nevada

Stone Mountain Memorial 
Student Activity
Your Tasks


. . . If you have completed any of my Abraham Lincoln Activities, you will find this one a big change!  You probably know that when Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President the issue of slavery boiled over.  Several states in the South seceded.  Abraham Lincoln did not believe that secession was legal.

. . . None of the Southern States' stars were removed from Old Glory.  The theme of this activity is to show how our country divided, fought, and then unified.  We are now one.  If you could travel to Stone Mountain Park during the summer, you could see Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis come to life with laser lights and patriotic and fun music.

. . . Your job is to:

Use Resources in the Stone Mountain Hotlist

         Work the Stone Mountain On-Line Puzzle

         Use the guiding questions in the Project Boxes -and-

         Create a Power-Point Presentations, make a Civil War scrapbooks, and create a BIOGRAPHY NETWORK Presentation about famous American sculptors.

         Publish your own Stone Mountain History Book

         Find out about the history of the Memorial and the three men shown on it.

Write your answers  or information on the provided answer form--  Be Sure to Use the Stone Mountain Hotlist to find the Right Information

Part #A-- The Confederacy & the Civil War

In 1861, several states of the South seceded.
1.  What does secede mean?

2.  Which states seceded?

3.  The Civil War started. 

4.  Where was the first battle, and 

5.  who won it? 

6.  Who was appointed President of the new Confederate States of America?

7.  Where was its' capitol?

Part #B-- The Civil War & the South in the mid 19th Century

1. In this box, you should make a time-line for the Civil War.  If you can find a good one on the Internet, you can use it as your outline.  Present the Time-Line with some pictures in a Power Point or other presentation software.


2. Make a scrapbook of Civil War Generals and battle using images and information from Civil War websites.  Include Northern and Southern generals.  See if you can figure out the names of the great battles (Northern name) and (Southern name).  


Part #C-- The Civil War ends-- Memorial for the Confederacy desired and started

1. What group was formed to attempt to maintain a hatred for blacks and tried to use Stone Mountain as its "Confederate" shrine?

2. Who was responsible for the idea and later actual building of Stone Mountain Memorial?

3.  What was the purpose of building a memorial in the South at Stone Mountain?

4.  Who owned Stone Mountain and gave it over for the future memorial?

5.  Make a timeline for construction of the Stone Mountain Memorial, with names of the designers and carvers, as well as when it was finished.
6.  Who are the three men carved on Stone Mountain?  Why are they important enough to be carved into stone?

Create a Power Point that includes images and information about Gutzon Borglum and Augustus Lukeman, carvers of Stone Mountain Memorial.  Click Wikipedia Here for Information

Gutzon Borglum Biography:
1.  Birth/Death date:

2.  Family information:

3.  Why Gutzon Borglum was hired for Stone Mountain?

4.  How did Gutzon Borglum decide who would be mounted on the memorial?

5.  Why did Borglum leave the Stone Mountain project?

6.  What other great project did Borglum plan and carve?

Augustus Lukeman Bio:
Personal Information:

How did A. Lukeman get involved with the carving of the Stone Mountain Memorial?

Did A. Lukeman change the original plans that Gutzon Borglum started?

When did A. Lukeman finish his part of the work on Stone Mountain?

Box #E-- 
1.  How was Stone Mountain Memorial carved and the park finished, including early ambitions and the final result?

2.  Go to our Stone Mountain Hotlist and find the sites that give lots of images and information about the actual carving of the memorial. 

3.  Find out what the present park would be like now, if the old original plan was finished.

4.  What has happened to the park since its' completion in the 1960's

Part #F--

1.  The 21st Century South.  What's going on in Georgia to celebrate the 21st Century Southern State & its' History?

2. Go on the Internet to the Stone Mountain Hotlist and find out what's going on at Stone Mountain during this upcoming summer.  

3. See what services, shows, and tourism events are offered.

4. What else is there to do or see, in Atlanta and the area, concerning History and the Civil War?

5.  Create a Presentation or pamphlet describing great tourism sites in Georgia, especially around the Atlanta area.



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