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Topic Sixty:  Gutzon Borglum, Sculptor and Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial

Stone Mountain Memorial Half-Dollar
. . . Stone Mountain, Georgia
Memorial Park Trivia Puzzle

. . . A bit of Southern Civil War History
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#1-- What type of rock is Stone Mountain made of? Answer



#2--What group of women was instrumental in constructing the Stone Mountain Memorial?   Answer

#3-- Who was the first sculptor to design and start the Stone Mountain Memorial    Answer



#4 What great mountain range expands north from Stone Mountain?   Answer
#5  What was the chief method of carving the stone to create the relief sculpture?   Answer
#6  What kind of animals and plants seem to thrive on Stone Mountain?  Answer
#7  What radical group burned a cross on top of Stone Mountain in 1915?

#8  Who was Robert E. Lee?    Answer

#9  Did the original sculptor finish the project at Stone Mountain?  Why?  Answers
#12  Who was Augustus Lukeman, and what did he do for the Stone Mountain carving   Answer




#13  Who was Walter Hancock, and what did he do for the completion of Stone Mountain Memorial?          Answer



#14  Who was Roy Faulkner, and what his part in the carving of Stone Mountain Memorial?    Answer



#15  How  tall is Stone Mountain?


#16  What does Robert E. Lee, General of the Confederate pray for in his General Order Number 83?   Answer


#17  List the three main features of Gutzon Borglum's original plan for Stone Mountain Memorial.   Answers



#18  Describe what Borglum meant about the sculptural group as a "Panorama (that) Will Sweep Across The Mountain" as from his original plan description   Answer


#19  What President sent his Vice President for the dedication of  Stone Mountain Memorial, greatly insulting the people of Georgia with "Shame and Disgrace?"
Name both the President and Vice President  




#20  What did  Augustus Lukeman compare his plan for Stone Mountain Memorial to?





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