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Robert Marshall Root, Illinois Painter

Life History Information



the John and Eunice Root Family,

including the artist ROBERT MARSHALL ROOT


According to the 1900 census, Robert Marshall Root was born in Illinios, March of 1864. 


Robert’s parents, John and Eunice Root were born and married in Vermont, but didn’t stay there for long. 


1860 census

Lists Charles, born in VT, age 10 and John A, born in NY, age 6




1870 census

Lists Charles, born in VT, age 19 and John A. born in NY, age 16, and Marshal R., born in IL, age 7



1880 census

Charles, is divorced and living at the home of the Rasor family in Cowden Twp, Shelby Co.

John is recently married to Margaret and living in close proximity to his mother and brother. 

Eunice is widowed and is caring for Charles’ daughter Hattie, with the help of her son, Robert Marshall Root.

1900 census

Robert is still living in the home of his mother and they live right next to his brother John, who now has three daughters Maggie M, Gertrude and Bertha.

Robert’s brother Charles died in 1898 from facial cancer.  Charles’ children, John, Delbert, Edgar and Charles Jr., are all sent to board with other families.  Delbert, Edgar and Charles Jr. wind up all working for the railroad.  Charles Jr. is killed in a railroad accident about the age of 19.



1910 census

Robert Marshall Root is living on his own – presumably his mother is deceased.  Also, could find no trace of John and his family.   



 (from information in a
 Shelbyville flier)

Robert Marshall Root dies


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