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Topic Thirteen: the Old National Trail  & Topic four:  Lincolns and Pioneer Life Topic Five:  The Lincoln's Move to Illinois, March, 1830 &  &  Topic 115. Pioneer Life


       The Old National Trail was the main connection from the East to the Western Trails.  We will use information from Oregon Trail, and other Trails websites for information about the National Trail.  The Old National Trail started out very rough, but as the years went by, there would be way-stops (kind of like inns, but not really) ferry boats, and tiny communities of people who served the pioneer travelers.  The trail was made of dirt with trees blazed off (maximum of 14 inch stumps allowed).  Many important pioneers started their journey to Oregon, California, Texas and Utah on the National Trail to Vandalia, Illinois.

Useful Information Sites

Nemacolin's Path


Effingham County History
The Cumberland Pike
Milestone Marker Park
The Maumee & Western Reserve Railroad
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Cumberland GAP National 
Historical Park
Located near Middlesboro, KY
The Conestoga Wagon
  Early American Trails 
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Fort Necessity National Battlefield



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