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A Lincoln Family Pageant: Meet Mary Todd Lincoln

A Script for the Lincoln Pageant

Hello, my name is Mary.  I am the mother of all these boys and sure have a job in the house keeping everyone going and happy.  My life here in Springfield is a lot different than back in Lexington.

My husband, Abraham, or Father, as I like to call him is a very popular lawyer downtown at the state house.  The problem, is, though, that he is gone so much traveling around the countryside helping folks with their legal problems. 

I was born in Lexington, Kentucky, the daughter of Robert Smith Todd and Eliza.  My mother died in 1825, and all of us seven children missed her dearly.  My father would marry again to Elizabeth and they would have 9 children.

Father and I have four fine boys.  He enjoys their playful activities so much.  Sometimes they seem mischievous, but they are just boys. 

With all those small children running around, I didn't know what to think.  I enrolled into the Shelby Female Academy in Lexington and began to learn all the things I know now.

My father always encouraged me to join in his political discussions with friends.  I guess that's where I learned to be able to talk to "anyone" about politics or current events.  That's why I think Mr. Lincoln enjoyed my company.  I could keep up with him on about any subject.

I've told many before that my husband "will be president someday." 

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